About Us

Markio Designs Inc. is the Toronto-based parent company to two of Canada’s leading retail footwear brands:
Capezio, the popular line of women’s shoe fashion boutiques 
DUET, a bold, new ensemble of emerging international designers
Each collection is personally selected and curated by the Markowitz family who have been iconic tastemakers in Canadian fashion for over sixty five years. They assure the highest quality and most contemporary international styles in the two market segments they serve.

Our History

In 1976, David Markowitz and his brothers launched Capezio, a new line of affordably priced women’s footwear fashions. Capezio brought a sense of style and quality to a whole new market segment, and was an instant hit by 1979. In 2015, DUET Shoes was launched; a directional women’s fashion footwear boutique, bringing together an unparalleled assortment of international contemporary shoe brands from a new point of view.

Markio Today

As of November 8th 2017, DAVIDS Footwear which was owned and operated by the Markowitz family under the Markio Designs group of stores for over 66 years was pleased to announce a joint venture agreement with Harry Rosen to expand DAVIDS Footwear across Canada. This transaction brought together two of Canada’s most iconic retail families. Richard Markowitz now operates as President and COO of DAVIDS Footwear Ltd. and David Markowitz remains President and CEO of Markio Designs.